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Greeting Cards

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Collectors have admired Dino's original art and photos depicting cowboy life, wildlife, and the landscapes in his native New Mexico that he calls home. Now this body of work can be enjoyed on his greeting cards as well.

Please read carefully before making selections:

  • You will receive a total of nine cards.

  • A set of cards consists of nine cards in three combinations of your choosing: three different images, two of one image and one of another, or all nine cards of the same image. Cards cannot be selected individually or in pairs. You can select any three images within the collection of 40 cards. Each image selected equals three cards.

  • Additional sets of cards can be ordered, but each set must total nine cards in any of the aforementioned combinations.  

  • Cards are both horizontal and vertical and info on the back explains whether the image is art or photography. As well, all genres are separated for your convenience into separate groupings. Cards are 5X7, are printed on high quality paper with envelopes included, and the set of nine is placed in a high quality clear bag.

  • Shipping and handling is included in the price.

* All cards are printed without watermarks.

* Dealer inquiries for retail sales are welcome, 505-859-8442 or